What's the goal?

We believe in the importance of bridging communities together, especially in cities where we live (Washington DC, San Francisco, and Boston) with large and thriving Deaf & signing communities. DC is unique - thanks to Gallaudet University, the only university in the world for the Deaf, alas our alma mater. We have been approached by so many people asking us, "Where can I learn ASL?"

Instead of facing confusing resources scattered across the internet, we wanted to make learning ASL super easy, accessible, and fun. That inspired us to create the app, so our friends who don't sign, can sign away. So more conversations can happen, ideas to emerge, and collaborations to come! 



THE ASL APP offers you over 1,000 videos, hundreds of signs, and many phrases that we use in daily, every day conversations. We offer over ten different themed bundles (your starter pack is absolutely FREE), ranging on topics from "Bars, Dining, Food" to "Nature, Environment, Money, and Time," and many more! 


How will you use this? 

This is designed to be used on the go and one-handed; so you can already start practicing with friends, family, or loved ones! You can use with friends, at bars, at coffee houses, at restaurants, on the metro, waiting in line, and so on. The goal here is to get you going and confident that when you meet a deaf person, you can start a conversation! 

Available for iPhones 5, 6 and 7, iPads and iPod Touch. 

Why us? 

What makes this app authentic? The people behind this.

We’re Deaf, fluently bilingual in ASL and English. We've all been signing ASL since birth. Each of us bring specific and unique skills to the app: Matt teaches & develops ASL resources; Melissa manages creative projects including app development and specializes in interactive storytelling; Tim is a hardcore programmer and dreams in Objective C (no objection, here!); and Megan is an all around designer and technophile.