Kriston Lee


A native of Seattle, Kriston Lee has been performing and dancing his whole life. He travels around the world training aspiring dancers and he teaches performance techniques. 



An avid hiker, Matt is pursuing his PhD in Cultural Studies and working at Georgetown University as a Research Specialist. From the San Francisco Bay Area, he is third generation Deaf from a Deaf family. He loves pitbulls, fine coffee and working out. 

Bobbie Jo


Bobbie Jo hails from Pennsylvania, where she grew up signing in a Deaf family. An educator at heart, she currently teaches and inspires new generations of teachers at Gallaudet University .

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A dabbler in all things digital, Melissa heads her own lab focusing on motion capture, 3D technology, and storybook app development. With her love for languages and the absurd, she creates projects that pique curiosity.



With his Thai and Chinese heritage, Jesada grew up in a multilingual family and is a self-proclaimed linguist and foodie. His love of languages took him around the world, but his heart belongs in San Francisco where he is based now, enjoying the culinary delights.



Nyle is a native signer, born into a fourth generation Deaf family.  Nyle is a model, actor and advocate. As the only Deaf contestant on America's Next Top Model, Nyle emerged a winner of the final season (Cycle 22).